Disney's Animated Classics

Classic Animated Features 31-40

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31. Aladdin
(Nov. 25, 1992 - 90 min.) *****

Plot: With the help of the Genie of the Lamp, Aladdin defeats the evil Jafar and wins the love of the princess Jasmine.

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32. The Lion King
(June 24, 1994 - 88 min.) *****

Plot: Tricked by his evil uncle into thinking he caused his father's death, Simba learns the lessons of life that will make him the great Lion King.

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33. Pocahontas
(June 23, 1995 - 82 min.) ****

Plot: The Indian Princess Pocahantas falls for the English explorer John Smith, but tensions between the other Native Americans and English settlers almost end in violent bloodshed.

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34. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
(June 21, 1996 - 85 min.) ****

Plot: Trapped in the bell tower of Notre Dame since childhood, Quasimodo comes to the rescue of a gypsy maiden named Esmeralda.

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35. Hercules
(June 27, 1997 - 93 min.) ***

Plot: Taken from his home on Mount Olympus and raised by mortals, Hercules fights off the evil Hades to regain his place among the Greek gods.

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36. Mulan
(June 19, 1998 - 88 min.) ****

Plot: A Chinese maiden disguises herself as a man and takes her elderly father's place in the Chinese Army.

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37. Tarzan
(June 18, 1999 - 88 min.) *****

Plot: An orphan baby is raised by a band of gorillas and years later, when other humans enter the jungle, he must examine who he really is and where his loyalties and trust must lie.

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38. Fantasia 2000
(Dec. 31, 1999 - 75 min.) ***

Plot: This IMAX format sequel to the original Fantasia features seven new musical segments and the classic "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" from the 1940 original film. Fantasia/2000 was later released in standard 35mm format.

Symphony No. 5
Pines of Rome
Rhapsody in Blue
The Steadfast Tin Soldier
Carnival of the Animals
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Pomp and Circumstance
The Firebird Suite

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39. Dinosaur
(May 19, 2000 - 82 min. - Disney Studios) ****

Plot: Computer Animated - A marvel of computer animation, this story about a group of dinosaurs threatened by a large meteor shower combines very lifelike computer-animated dinosaurs and other animals with real-life background scenery. A real treat for the eyes.

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40. The Emperor's New Groove
(Dec. 15, 2000 - 79 min.) ***

Plot: When an arrogant young prince is turned into a llama by his evil aide, the prince-turned-llama is befriended by a humble peasant man who helps him survive in the wild and regain his human form.

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